MARTIAL HERO AWARD 20-21 October 2018

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Summa Maxima Warriors Arts and his partners for more than 13 years has promoted the grown in some Martial Arts as Silat,
Kali-Arnis-Eskrima, Jeet Kune Do, Kyusho and Combatives, with some of the best Great Masters in those disciplines. The main idea
was to give to everyone the possibility to study with the best to become the best. In this period we have helped everyone that would
like to obtain a valid certifications following a serious path of study with a very representative Grand Master of the style and with the
support of the Summa Maxima staff (Masters, instructors etc). During the time we have find others persons with the same our values
and ideas, so we found it useful to join forces and make pure synergy, without barriers of any kind. Unity in the diversity as by the
famous Indonesian motto, the same idea of the Latin words “summa maxima”, best synergy between serious people and arts.
To full dominate an Art sometimes a life is not enough, but between the different Arts there are some connections that make easier to
go in the deep or to reach a higher level in a specific Art, if You become confident even with others Arts. We was so happy that also
GM Samuel Kwok Italian Organization joined the project, so we had a direct connection with GM Ip Man, Wing Chun source,
because GM Samuel Kwok is heir of GM Ip Chun and Ip Ching (GM Ip Man sons).
…. And so started the idea to make a common event with the Grand Masters that supported us during the time and with some friend
of us, very high level Masters and Grand Master.
It must be a very special and unique event to celebrate our HEROES, our guides. Mostly of them are no more with us but,
their spirit and their Art continue to touch our hearts and our minds, so daily we continue to follow the path that they have
traced for us.
Meantime also a long time editor joined the project and become Summa Maxima Partner. He was famous since 90s, for his
magazines, at first Bruce Lee Kung Fu magazine that became International Kung Fu magazine (double languages magazine), about
not only Kung Fu, but Martial Arts and Combatives/CQC in generally.
October 20 21, in Venice – Cavallino Treporti, more than 25 International and Italian TOP GRAND MASTERS and
MASTERS will start a special international collaboration to spread the pure Martial Arts in a sincere, collaborative and
mutual support way. Honest synergy is the Key, summa maxima synergy between men and women from different nations and Arts,
but with the same passion and deep knowledge in Martial Arts and Close Combat Systems . The doors are open to everyone, never
mind their Art or Country, that wants to take part with the same spirit of open mind, mutual support, honest desire to express his own
Art as a MARTIAL HERO in the modern Society. Hero even because the true Martial Arts require many sacrifices and sweat to
reach full awareness of the art, following an ethical code that today may seem antiquated, but which is at the base of the mindset for
whom want seriously follow a Martial Art path.
With the occasion we decided to constitute a Council of Great Masters and Masters called MARTIAL HEROES COUNCIL.
No one is above the others, we want only to collaborate each other to promote genuine collaboration and right visibility to the people
that put so much energy to try to reach their highest level in the study, understanding and practice of their Art. We fixed a common
ethical code that have to lead the actions of the people that are in the Council. The code it is based on a natural sense of pace and
respect (hormat) and what was called in the ancient time code of honor.
This is the first group of Grand Masters and Masters that formed the MARTIAL HERO COUNCIL: GM Samuel Kwok, GM Bram
Brank, Guru Cecep Arief Rhaman, GM Leo T Fong, Sifu Peter Chin, GM Hanshi Herbert E. Forster, Dr Robert Goldman , P.Guru
Krishna Godhania, Maha Guru Cliff Stewart, GM Philippe Gouttard, GM Evan Pantazi, Itthipol “Khieo” Akkasricorn, Guru Eric
Kruk, M° Tommy Gong, Maha Guru Horacio Rodriguez, M° Florian Lahner, M° Edessa & Robert Ramos, M° Antonio De Sabato,
M°Anderson Da Silva, M° Mick Shore, M° Joaquin Marcelo, M°Vincent Raimondi, M° Giuseppe Bonaccorsi, M° Marcello Senes,
M° Marco Bellani, M° Claudio Alfarano, M° Antonio Di Salvo, M° Emilio Bevilacqua, M° Michael Inzana, M°Andrea Torres,
M° Robert Rosemberg, M° Sandro Martinelli, M° Gabriele Guidi, M° Davide Fioretti, M° Nicola Rossi, M° Roberto Modugno,
Guru Simone Medici. Many others are coming..
In the 2 days, October 20 21, there will be almost 32 one hour seminars/workshops, sometimes with a cross training between
Teachers of different Arts…. A very special occasion to see Martial Arts at his top expression. The event it is organize with a no
profit purpose and if there will be a not negative balance there will be set up a fund to support the activity of the Grand Masters and
Masters that take part to the project
Saturday October 20, after 19,30, there will be also a Gala Night with the goal to create a better sense of Family in the Martial
Hero Tribe. During the ceremony the Grand Masters and the Martial Hero Council will give to Masters, instructors, coaches, black
belts, students and competitors a very significant AWARD of the year for the different categories and Arts. The nomination for the
Awards will be proposed by the Grand Masters for the Masters and with the same logic for the others levels, but everyone can ask his
candidacy for an Award to the Martial Hero Council. The Award in itself will be a beautiful certificate and artistic object from Venice
made from for the Martial Hero.
We are sure that MARTIAL HERO AWARD Ceremony and seminars will become a beautiful yearly occasion to stay together, have
fun and make something very important and valid for the Martial Arts Community.